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Website Design

We can build custom Websites with latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and Responsive. It makes your Website clean, fast loading and search engine friendly.

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Website Development

We offer  a wide range of professional website development services including CMS, e-Commerce Website, WordPress Website, Drupal Website, Magento Website and Custom Web Applications.

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Digital Marketing

We offer all-inclusive and transparent  SEO, SMO, PPC and SMM services for higher sales, leads generation and improved Return On Investment. –

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How To Choose A Web Design Company: Top 10 Proven Tips

Are you looking for a best website design company for your website development? Have you gone mad seeing thousands of web development company on Google with a slogan of “the best and affordable”? Wait, you have to be very patient.
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Official website of school of Distance Education - university of calicut

Official website of school of Distance Education , Responsive Drupal Powered Website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a website in india?

The total cost to build a website (freelance web design rates) in india varies depending on the different factors involved in the process and again on different web developing companies We offer low cost website design kerala In our case, the charge starts from INR. 4000. Again it depends on the features, components, quality and number of pages clients want to be in the website. For a best website design it might cost around INR. 15000+.

Do you work with WordPress for the websites?

Yes, WordPress serves as the engine that drives your website. It allows it to run, allows you to edit the site's content, add new posts and pages, and ensures that your website looks good on all devices. Don't worry; we'll show you how to do it and guide you through the process.

When the site is over, will I be able to update it myself?

Yes, indeed. We like to give our clients the option of updating their websites. We'll provide you with all of the necessary training and resources to make changes to your website.

Can you look after my website for me?

Yes, we certainly can! Many of our clients receive ongoing assistance from us. As a result, we will undoubtedly have repair assistance.

Where can I host my website?

If we create your website, we normally host it for you, so you won't have to worry about it. We cover the first year's hosting fee, and we'll give you an invoice once a year after that. You can also host the website somewhere else and run it yourself. It's all up to you.

I'm on a tight budget right now. Are there any low-cost alternatives?

This is a common query we get from entrepreneurs and startup companies. We have a low-cost kit that will help you get online quickly with a nice-looking website.

What if I need assistance with my website in the future?

It's just a matter of sending us an update! We'll be here to assist you as much or as little as you like, and we won't vanish once the platform is up and running. We've been doing this for 12 years and have no plans to stop anytime soon. Hire freelance web designer

How much time will you take to build a website?

Actually, the time we need to build a website will vary depending upon the industries and businesses we work with. It also depends on the quality of design, number of pages, different components, and features the customer requires. For a best quality website development with 10-15 pages it takes 5-10 days normally. The time again differs according to different web development companies.

Can my website be compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, indeed. Your website will be mobile-friendly (Responsive website design) and look fantastic on any smartphone, tab and computer. On their phones, people do look at your website. And having a mobile-friendly website is the simplest, most painless way to get people to see your stuff.

When do I have to pay?

We accept several different payment methods. We recognize that this is a significant investment, and we want to assist you in every way we can in planning for it. We accept online transfers to our bank account, and all major credit cards through Google Pay, Paytm and PayPal.

What level of involvement do I have in the process?

It is entirely dependent on the type of website you want. Before we begin working together, we'll be able to explore this during our discovery call.

Who is responsible for the site's content?

Since you are the expert on your industry, it is generally best to write your material. However, if you prefer, we would be happy to compose the text for your website. We have a copywriter on staff who can write your website's content for you, so you don't have to.

Freelance Web, Digital Marketing and SEO Expert In Kerala, India

Best Affordable freelance web designer in India

If you are looking forward to strengthening your online presence or planning on taking your business to a new level through digitalization, then you will require a Best Freelance Web Designer Kerala or a Top Web Design Company in Kerala (, who offers excellent services like WordPress development, Website Development, SEO services, digital marketing, etc. And you have definitely come to the right place as we offer all services needed to take your business to an authentic level.
We live in a time where we require to take smart digital measures to take your offline businesses online, for growth and success. That is why you need a very reliable and affordable web design company, lead by the best freelance web designer and SEO expert who have a team of best graphic designers, Best SEO Freelance website designer in Kerala, Best digital marketing and social media experts, etc.

Freelance Web Designer Kerala – Arul M Joseph  Professional full-time freelance website designer and developer in Kerala and Co-founder of Web design company Dreamingheads has more than 10 years of expertise and authority in the field of Freelance web design and development, thus capable of offering all kinds of Web solutions at a very profitable margin for your business (#1 Low-Cost Web Design and SEO service). According to him, highly professional freelance web development is what attracts clients to his company, scaling from small startups to big corporates. His way of working, being a reliable freelance web designer & web developer, is providing customized web solutions to build a unique and strong online presence for each client at an affordable price. His company offers professional freelance web designing solutions in Kerala for B2B and B2C businesses.

The design options are highly customized to be suitable to your choice and taste, and also one which is the best fit for your business. Your valuable inputs, along with the efforts of our creative team helps us create the best for businesses. Our design and coding experts are well versed in Pixels and writing efficient, maintainable codes respectively, that we provide nothing but the best!

Being a team of resourceful freelance WordPress developer in Kerala, we are always looking for more engaging projects, where our skills, expertise and creativity will shine and grow, which is why our designs are not only user friendly but also aesthetic.

An intricately designed website is the online face of a business, which in turn becomes the best marketing tool, generating valuable revenue. The best business partner you can invest in, as a freelance web developer, Kerala, simply means investing in your own business and letting us help you reach your goals!



Low cost website design Pricing Kerala, India (For Professional website)

We offer low cost website design services in Kerala with proffesional and latest technology for page speed and SEO.

Plan Price
Landing page design price Rs.4000 - Rs.10000 ($55-$140)
Dynamic website price Rs.10000 - Rs.20000 ($140 - $280)
Ecommerce website price Rs.30000 - Rs.60000 ($420 - $830)
Custom website development cost Rs.20000 - ~ ($280+)
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