Becoming a Freelance Web Designer in Melbourne

How to becoming a successful freelance web designer in Melbourne

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How to become a freelance web designer in Melbourne, Australia? What are the benefits of freelancing in the city? What is the future of freelancing in web design in Australia? These are the main questions I am going to deal with in this post.

Freelancing is becoming a hot trend among professionals all over the globe, especially among the youth. Further, companies ranging from startups to corporates have started preferring freelancers over agencies to undertake their various projects.

Recent statistics clearly show the rapid growth of this industry. According to Forbs, 56.7 million Americans do freelance work. As per a survey by Upwork, 43 percent of the working population in USA will quit the nine to five and turn to freelance over the next five years.

This is how the freelance industry is growing. The case is not different in Melbourne, the capital city of Australia. Then, how to become a freelance web designer in Melbourne?

Freelance web designer
Freelance web designer

Becoming a Freelance Web Designer in Melbourne

As per a study by Edelman Berland, an independent research firm, there were 4.1 million freelancers in Australia in 2015. The web design and development industry are one of the major industries where the number of freelancers is growing fast. Therefore, being a freelance web designer in Melbourne is a promising career option. Here are some proven steps for becoming a web designer in the city.

  1. Planning & Preparation

    As they say, planning and preparation is the key to success. When fail to plan, you plan to fail. First, set your goal for becoming the best freelance website designer in Melbourne and plan your projects and activities to achieve this goal. All kind of preparation is needed starting from having a home office to building your own website.

  2. Studying the Competitors

    This is the most important step of the process. Find adequate time to do research on your competitors in the city. This will help you find your niche, upgrade your skills and knowledge, and set your rates and terms. Furthermore, studying the competitors will enable us to rate ourselves and grow better.

  3. Branding & Marketing

    Market your works to the maximum so that you can attract more clients and get promising projects. You can design different creative strategies for the same such as digital marketing. Also, create your own brand by establishing a strong online and offline presence.

  4. Building Network

    Building a strong network is another good step for becoming a freelance web designer in Melbourne. This will help you get prospective clients and establish yourself in the business. In addition to that, this network will enable you to stay updated in the industry.

  5. Investing in Skills

    You will have to face tough competition in the field as there are hundreds of freelance web designers in the city. To stay upgraded and updated you need to invest in learning more skills and technologies that will benefit your work. Find some time to acquire some must have soft skills.

Benefits freelancing

There are many benefits of freelancing you don’t get with a desk job. Some of the major advantages of being a freelance web designer in the capital city are as follows.

Freedom to Choose Projects

Being a freelance web designer, you can choose between the projects. You will not face any restrictions or pressure from your superiors to undertake projects that are not of your interest. Hence, you will be able to enjoy more freedom and spend more free time with family and friends.

You Can Earn More

As per the surveys, freelancers earn more than the usual employees in Melbourne. So, a good career in freelance web design and development will help you generate more income and enjoy life. Freelancers get customers beyond any geographic barriers.

You are Your Own Boss

Since you are your own boss and no one is there to control you, freelancing offers you a happy and tension free life. You can be a good and focused human being. Often, control and bossing in the office makes the life miserable.

Flexible Schedules

This is another major advantage of being a freelance web designer. You can work from anywhere you want at any time you want; be it at home, park, the coffee shop in the morning, evening, or mid night. Flexible schedules of work help you schedule your life project too.

Flexibility of Location

For a freelancer, what really matters is the quality of work and time of delivery. He has immense freedom to work anytime from anywhere in the world. Being a freelancer doesn’t require your physical presence in the city. You can travel anywhere being a freelancer in Melbourne.

Future of Freelancer

Surveys find that there is a bright future for a freelance web designer. The aforementioned study by Edelman Berland revealed that 69 percent of freelancers in Australia earned more than they did in their nine to five employment within a year or less.

It is also found around 73 percent of freelancers would recommend freelancing to their family and friends and more than 70 percent of freelancers think the bright future is ahead for freelancing.

A 2018 survey by Freelancer, which analyzed 500,000 jobs on its platform, found jobs related to website design and development exhibited significant growth on the platform, suggesting more business owners are outsourcing these roles. A recent report from the Australian Industry Group titled “The Emergence of the Gig Economy,” reports that a significant number of freelancers are working in design/creative industries.

Best Freelance Web Designer in Melbourne

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Becoming a freelance web designer in Melbourne is the best career option given the fact that the freelance web design industry in the city is on significant growth. Proper planning and execution will help you start a great career in the city. Studies also report a bright future for the industry in the country and especially in the capital city. So, set your goal and go ahead.


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