12 Top Website Design Tips To Boost Site Conversion Rate

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Are you really worried about the poor performance of your business website? Does that worry affect your confidence in a negative way? Don’t be disappointed, in this article, we will be dealing with some proven website design tips for boosting your website conversion rate.

In this era of technology and digital explosion, your business cannot succeed without a strong online presence. An awesome, effective, and secure website is one of the most powerful tools that can be used for establishing yourself as an unignorable online force.

According to Blue Corona (2018), 84% of people will not make a purchase if they are dealing with an unsecured website.

A successful website not only looks impressive but also gets the people visit the site, stick around, and perform what you want them to do or convert them as potential customers. Website design and website conversion and very much interconnected.

What is Website Conversion Rate?

Website conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action aimed by a websites. The desired action might be downloading an e-book or a mobile app, purchasing a product, booking a ticket, signing up for a trial, subscribing to a course, or something like that.

A high website conversion rate means that people really like and want what you are offering and they are easily able to get it.

Best Website Design Tips to Boost Site Conversion

Here are the 12 top website design tips for better conversion rate.

Value Preposition: It is the Key

Value proposition is, simply, a service or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers. Visitors should be able to clearly identify on your landing page why and what they should do business with you.

Website conversion rate cannot be boosted until your unique selling point or value proposition is very clear.

Website design has a crucial role in this regard. That value proposition needs to be positioned within a central of your overall web design.

Call to Action: Make it Very Clear

A strong and clear CTA (call to action) is essentially needed if you want better conversion. Visitors have known you from the information, videos, and blogs in your site. Now, it is the time to take an action you want them to do.

It is found that, 70% of small business websites lack call to action strategies. Always make sure that your CTA is prominent and it really stands out. Any interaction and communication between you and your customers happens through it.

Simplicity: The Beauty

Simplicity is the real beauty. The famous Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The same philosophy applies in web design as well.
According to latest statistics in the field, 76% of consumers say the most important factor in a website’s design is that website must make it easy for them to find what they really want.

Website conversion never happens with confusing designs.

Speed: Respect Users’ Patience

Website design with slow running speed will affect your business in a negative manner. Keep in mind that, nowadays, people are very impatient. So, Respect their patience.
A recent study by the Aberdeen Group found that a mere one second delay in page loading time results in a 7% reduction in conversions. Is that enough to shake you?
Constantly testing and updating your website’s loading time through changed methods and different effective tools and strategies can help you prevent losing customs due to a slow website.

Responsive: Ort for It

Website conversion is inconceivable today without a responsive web design. According to the studies, over a third of online sales are happening using a smartphone or a tablet. Smartphones and tablets can drive an increasing amount of web traffic to your website.

In 2017, mobile traffic as a share of total global online traffic is 52.64% and by the end of 2018, mobile devices are projected to reach 79% of global internet use.

Simple Navigation: Make Them Act

Navigation acts like a ‘GPS’ of the website. It is a must to not your customers become confused when they land on your business website. Navigation bars are to direct your visitors where they need to go to get information they want.

In every high converting successful website design you will be able to find a simple, clear and powerful navigation. Your site navigation should reflect your intentions.

Images: Quality Matters

Website conversion rate also depends on the quality of images you put in your website design.

According to the latest survey from Bright Local, 60% of consumers are more willing to consider search results that include images. It was also found that 23% are more likely to contact a business showcasing an image.

Another study by Skyword found that if the website content includes compelling images, you’ll get an average of 94% more views.

Content: The King

Website design with poor content is likely to be successful. Remember that content is always the king. Your business website content should be quality, impressive and of course informative. Try hard to never bore your readers with your content.

Researches have proven that authoritative and compelling content is the glue that holds Search Engine Optimization (SEO) together.
Since search engines like Google strive to provide visitors with relevant and useful content, content relevance has become extremely important along with the originality and quality.

Reviews: Social Proofs

Website conversion rate has more chances to increase with genuine customer reviews and testimonials. This is one of the best strategies to convince everyone that you have some best product that buyers have really loved and so build a positive perception of your customers for your brand.
Reviews and testimonials work as a social proof. Customers use other people’s information and experience to make their decisions.

Color Contrast: Grab the Attention

Colors really matter. They can communicate with the customers a lot about you and your brand. Best color contrasts attract the consumer’s attention and influence their buying behavior.
According to surveys on consumers buying behaviors, they form an initial judgment of a product within in 90 seconds of interaction and 62%-90% of them are based on the color.
Website design with poor color combination will surely disappoint the visitors and even make them decide to not come back again. The wonderful thing about color contrast is that it guides visitors’ eyes to what is more important on your webpage.

Blog: Tell Your Stories

Blog is a wonderful platform you can use to communicate with the customers and tell them your stories. Unique stories sell more.

Researchers have found that companies that actively blog command 126 percent more growth in conversion than businesses which do not publish original content.
Website conversion rate gets better with engaging and active blogs. An active blog helps to let know the search engines that your website is active, providing detailed answers and engaging with customers.

Branding: Do It Consistently

Consistent branding is foremost factor to boost the traffic. Use maximum possible strategies for promotion of your website in a positive and creative way. How can users find your website if they haven’t hear about it?

Social Media integration is a best way for this. You should establish yourself as a strong force in online market using Watsapp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc. Social media integration will boost your site’s SEO and improve your business.

Website Design and Website Conversion Are Inseparable

To sum up, we can say that website conversion boosting depends significantly on the quality of your design. If you consider the aforementioned tips with many others, you will be able to grow the business using the website. Try to find out an amazingly professional and experienced web developer for the same.

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