Top 15 Things Every Small Business Website must have (2022 ADVICE)

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Talking about Small Business, most of them don’t have any websites. According to a study, only 47% to 51% of small businesses have websites. Although having a website will bring more profit and sales to your business.

However, various elements need to focus on while creating a website. If you are designing the website for the first time, then it seems like a hassle. So, if you are about to create one, then I suggest you go through the below-given checklist. Doing so will give an idea about things you need for a small business website.

Things Every Small Business Website must have (2022 ADVICE)

  1. A clear description of your business

Provide detailed information on what exactly your website is about so that visitors don’t need to do investigative work. Your website should have a home page where the name of products or services is mentioned that encourage visitors to stay longer on your site.

  1. Your business or web address

While creating a small business website, most people forget to mention their business address. Most of the visitors on your website are there to find out where the business is. Make sure you mention your business address in such a way that it is easy to find.

Now, talking about the web address, i.e., your domain name should be easy enough to browse or email. As per the expert suggestions, avoid keeping dashes and numbers in your domain name and start using the name of your business instead.

  1. Give your phone number on small business website

A phone number is the most primary piece of information a website can have. Having a number can allow the customers to ask questions related to your business and the availability of the product. Most of the small business websites do not have a phone number. So, make sure you have the one to grow your business more.

  1. An easy to find site map

Site maps and clear links on the website pages are crucial because it helps in guiding the visitors to the information they are looking for. Don’t make customers confuse just by displaying the address. Show them a map on your website instead to figure out where your business is.

Doing so will increase the sale of your business online as well as offline. It is also considered as proof that you are a real business.

  1. Share a photograph of your store

Showing the customers how the entrance looks will make it easier for them to reach out at your place. Displaying photographs is also a common way of saying that your business or company is legit. Keeping store photographs on the front page will make the design of your website more attractive.

  1. Store Working Hours

Till when is your store open is the most likely asked question by most of the customers. So, displaying the timing of your online and offline store will help them to adjust their timing for the purchase. Not doing so can take your customers to some other sites.

  1. Description of business goods and services

The description should be in more detail than the other items displayed on the small business website’s page. Give complete and genuine information about the product from its name, manufacturing, its type, and price if possible.
Get this thing on your website because the customers expect all valid information regarding the purchase of the product.

  1. A user-friendly design

However, as per a survey, online visitors often scan through the web page first before reading the information given in it. If they feel comfortable and right, then they will read down the whole content. So, design the page that attracts more and more visitors. Keep short sentences, add bullet points, etc.

  1. Should have Fresh and Quality Content

Always remember, your website is your first impression on customers. Try to give them the reason they keep coming back to your website. Make sure your content is valuable, well-written, and original. Update your content as fresh one is a goldmine for SEO that makes changes in ranking as well.

  1. Proper use of SEO

SEO helps a lot to the website by increasing the ranking in most searched websites. To make your website more accessible, become familiar with SEO and its tools. You don’t need any professional for it.

Just make sure that your website has correct coding. This means to make use of the right keywords in the text, enter links, URLs, images, and videos to make their way in top ranking websites.

  1. Sign up form to your email list

Most small businesses use email marketing because it is one of the tactics around the market. Get started with various website email alternatives to grow your business more by asking them to fill email form on your website.

  1. Page loading speed

small business website speed check

People are impatient to wait if your website is taking too long to load the content. Make sure that every page on your site takes less than 2 seconds to load. Because not doing so can mark you lose thousands of dollars.

  1. Secure Hosting Platform

While running a website, using proper security is essential to save your website from hijacking. You should have a secure, trustworthy hosting company that will keep the enemy away and your content up. Losing a secure connection can also cost you your customers.

  1. Customer’s Feedback

Feedback is an important thing that allows other potential customers to trust your website and products. Honest words and ratings will help and make your products more tangible to online visitors and customers. It also helps the customer to confirm whether their product meets the needs or not.

  1. Small business website Call to Action page

The customers must know what exactly your small business website is about and what you want them to do on it. For instance, you can ask them to sign up as attractive discount coupons are waiting for them or tell them to add products to a shopping cart for purchase. You can even highlight the text or products you want them to buy as they are in demand or are worth having.
Hence, the above-mentioned things are more than enough to get you started with the proper website for small businesses.

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