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Websites also play a part in today’s world of business, isn’t it? If people want you they will definitely search for you. Then, you must be a good looking and stunning, right? Hey I am talking about your website. It actually says who you are, where you are now, and what you have for us.

Now I know that you have a very significant question to ask; how much does it cost to build a website? It is a very logical thing to ask as we value our money and want it to be spent in the smartest way possible.

If you are having this question in mind which almost all beginners in the business have then you are not going to get a single answer from anywhere. You will be surprised to note that quote for a same website with same features and components from five different designing companies will have five different quotes.

So, first of all, there are three things which you have to keep in mind when you think about building a website. Cost of making a website varies depending upon these three things or, I must say, questions you have to ask yourself.  They are;

(a) what kind of website you are looking for and what features and components you want to be there in your website,

(b) who is going to design your website, and

(c)how much time is spent on the designing and development of the website?

What kind of website is you are looking for?

There different types of websites used for different purposes. The cost of making a website surely relate to what kind of website you want to create. The cost for a small business website will not be same as the cost for huge e-commerce website. Then firstly you must have a clear picture on who are going to be your clients, what they need from you and what you have to offer. This will provide you with the answer for what kind of website you want to create.

Some of the different types of websites are;

  1. E-commerce websites.
  2. Informational websites.
  3. Directory websites.
  4. Writers/authors websites.
  5. Personal websites.
  6. Corporate websites.
  7. Government websites.
  8. Social networking websites.

What are the features and the components you want to be in your website?

This is the second thing you have to consider when you want to build a website, because the cost will also vary according the features and components. Features and components rest on how the site will be used, who will likely visit the site, will it be a membership required site and so on. So, your website must be customer friendly that visitors will love it seeing and using. That doesn’t mean that you must add unnecessary features and components. Best thing is to tell your designer what really your plan is and why you are making a website. Then he will tell you what your website should have and shouldn’t have. I am pretty sure that you will never approach a designer who is unreliable and with substandard designing skill and efficiency.  

Who is going to design your website?

This is the third thing you will have to keep in mind when you are to build a website. Of course, you can get a website for 5000 INR and for 25000 INR. But, the first won’t be as the same quality as the second one. That is, the cost of the website will vary depending upon who are going to design your website as well. An expert value much more than inexpert. If you choose a cheapest designer please don’t expect a high-class website.  

How much time is spent on the designing and development of the website?

Within how much time you want your website be created? The time spent on the designing and developing of a website also matter in the cost. The time spent may differ according to the type of the website, components and features going to be used in, and the designer who is going to build the website.  

So, how much money you will have to spend on the website now?

Today it seems like people find shopping online much easier than going markets as it consumes less time and effort. In 21st century, more than 60% of internet users research products online before they make a purchase. So, if you don’t have a website means you don’t reach out to a larger segment of people.  I think that is a terrible news for you. But, still, if you are not that rich and have a finite amount of money you will have to be cautious when it comes to spending for the website.
Now, how much does it cost to build a website, I think, is a very difficult question to answer precisely as there are a lot of factors involved. Even if I tell you that the cost will come this much, I am damn sure that you are going to prove me wrong. What I can say to you is that if you are willing to make one then take all the aforementioned factors into your serious consideration.

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