5 Ways To Improve Your Online Store’s Customer Experience

Last modified: February 20, 2019 and is filed under eCommerce

Imagine this: You are walking into your favorite clothing store, nobody greets you at the entrance, the lights are partly turned off, there is clothing everywhere on the floor, and everything is hugely overpriced. Would you go back? We think not.

In the digital world, having an online store is like having a brick-and-mortar one. Just like there are different ways to have everything looking nice and tidy in your physical store, there are also certain things you can do to keep your online store thriving and keep shoppers happy!


Here are five ways your online store can improve customer experience and increase the potential for more conversions.

Make sure your site is easy to navigate.

It has been said that a site’s navigation structure can make or break your eCommerce store’s success. Keeping your site’s categories and products nicely organized can create a more pleasant user experience, helping customers to better engage with your content and easily shop their way through. Good site navigation can also have a direct and impactful effect on conversions. Here’s more information on how you can improve your site’s navigation and improve your customer’s experience.

Install a chat feature on your site.

Chat features are here to stay, and installing a chat app on your online store can be the quick solution to a lot of your customer service problems. Not only are they interactive but they also decrease the time lag between when a customer question or issue arises and when you can solve that issue. A chat feature can also make it possible to communicate fast and in real time with customers.

Have a diverse and high-quality selection of products or services.

Offering a wide and diverse product selection on your online store might sound a bit intuitive. However, failing to offer the right products tends to be one of the main reasons why customers get frustrated and don’t fulfil a conversion. Being aware of your customers’ needs and offering products that meet those needs, whether that means offering customization or various colors of a particular item, can be a game changer for your online store. A great example of a company that offers a diverse and high-quality selection of products is Express Badging,, which offers customers an “a la carte” style of options for their ID badge printing services. By doing this, it manages to offer specific services depending on what the customer might need and improves their overall customer experience.

Include free shipping with every order.

In today’s eCommerce culture, free shipping is something that most shoppers not only expect but that most online stores have complied with. Therefore, offering free shipping may not only improve your site’s customer experience but also give your store a competitive advantage. If offering free shipping is something difficult to incorporate into your business plan, then perhaps considering a drop shipping company or another shipping service might help.

Offer various payment options.

Different trends in cybersecurity and mobile usage have caused people to rely more and more on different forms of digital payment. Long gone are the days of plastic; the most successful online stores are the ones that receive various forms of digital and mobile-friendly payments, including PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and more. Featuring the logos of the various payment methods accepted on your store is just as important as having them. Doing this will definitely improve your customer’s experience on your eCommerce store.

While improving customer experience on your online store is a never-ending job and something that you will constantly be changing, we hope that incorporating these five tips will improve your current user experience and make your customers a little happier. We would love to hear from you! Please list ideas or other tips in the comments below.

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