Top Tips for Finding an Affordable WordPress Website Development Service

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There are hundreds of WordPress website developers in the town. Each one of them is behind the businesses for their new projects. Hence, to find skilled and affordable one among them can be a daunting task. In this post I give you some useful tips to search for an affordable WordPress development service for your business project.

Why you should go for an affordable WordPress development service?

You may ask, what is the importance of this post? Why do you say that I should go for an affordable WordPress development service? Wait a minute, I am telling you why.
There are many reasons for hiring an affordable WordPress website development service. First of all, you will need it when you are doing some complex projects. Yes, with tens of thousands of themes and plugins available online, you can build a feature rich awesome website using WordPress with no knowledge of coding. But, you will be restricted to these available solutions. In fact, there are more that are beyond the capacity of a beginner.
Secondly, there will be some who will try to exploit your lack of knowledge in the coding and web related subjects and quote prices that are too good to be true. This situation is common and you will have to search for an affordable WordPress development service to get away from it.
Thirdly, as I mentioned, you will be able to find hundreds of WordPress developers in your locality alone. Picking one you meet first is not a good move at all. It might lead you to own an unimpressive and poor web for your business. Instead you have to find affordable and quality one among them. The following tips might help you in this regard.

Tips for finding an affordable WordPress website development service

My six useful tips to help you find an affordable WordPress website development service are (1) plan, (2) allocate, (3) search, (4) shortlist, (5) choose, (6) communicate.

1. Plan

The first tip to find an affordable WordPress development service is to plan your project. Outline your project in detail and plan out what you really need. Write down a project brief. This project brief can include the objectives of your project, the target group you want to reach out, the timeline of the project, the budget allocation, payment methods, and of course terms and conditions.
You can also plan who you are going to hire for your project. Write down your requirements for the developer from affordability and experience to commitment and support. This will help you to narrow down the list of developers.

2. Allocate

The second tip is to allocate or set up your budget for the project. It is smart to set aside a budget before searching for a developer. By setting up a budget in the beginning of the process itself, you’ll save enough time by narrowing down your options by price and choosing the developers who’re available to meet your budget.
If you are searching for an affordable WordPress development service, that means you do know how much you can afford to spend on it.

3. Search

The third tip to search for an affordable WordPress development service is to Search. If you want finding something you have to search for it, right? You can search for developer in two ways; offline and online. Offline search means finding developers from your locality or region using different ways. Look into their previous works and communicate with their former clients.
Searching online is finding developers by browsing trusted online sources. There are several platforms out there that provide good services for their users for hiring experienced and talented developers. Let’s look into some well-known platforms.

WordPress Jobs: This is one of the most trusted sources to find affordable WordPress development services. WordPress Jobs reviews every post before accepting it and the list will remain active for 21 days. You can hire developers from this site for any WordPress related jobs from development, design, plugin development, customization, migrations, and more.
WP Hired: WP Hired posts WordPress related jobs on a daily basis. They cater for part time, full time, freelance, internship, and temporary positions. You can find many job categories like bloggers, designers, developers, and SEO. In WP Hired, it is 100% free to post jobs and reply to job offers.
Smashing Jobs: Smashing Jobs is run by one of the most popular and high-quality web development and design publications on the internet, Smashing Magazine. The Smashing Jobs publishes design and development jobs every day and all positions are advertised as freelance or full time. is another trusted platform to search for an affordable WordPress development service. has over 25,000 clients and only 300 WordPress experts. Only 2% of applicants are accepted.
Freelancer: Freelancer is by far the most popular freelance market online with over ten million users. On Freelancer, you can simply post a job you need completed and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes. or Search for a freelance WordPress developer


The next step in the process to find an affordable WordPress service is to shortlist. That is to shortlist the developers you found affordable and skilled online and offline. This will help you to choose the best and apt one for your project. You can add to the list those whom you find can fulfil your requirements. Make sure you take a thorough look at their portfolio and figure out what kinds of websites they used to create, so you get an idea of their work.


Now, you are almost done. You are going to pick the most suitable one from the shortlist. Once you’ve selected a few potential candidates, write down their skills and compare it to your project brief. Pick the most apt one you think who can complete your project as you wish. If you are confused, follow your heart.


And finally you are done with your search for an affordable WordPress development service. You have found your developer of your choice. Now directly communicate with him and speak to him what you really want to make. Discuss any queries he may have and clarify any doubts you may have. Direct communication will make things go smoother and easier.

Conclusion: Finding an affordable WodPress development service is a thoughtful process

Yes, I think so. Finding an affordable WodPress development service is really a thoughtful process. It requires patience and time. So, keep calm, show bit patience, take your time, make a plan and you will definitely find one of your choice. If you are in a super hurry and don’t have little time to spend, it is better to go for an easy way.

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