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So, you are thinking to create a blog with WordPress, right? That really sounds great. You are at the right place at the right time. In this post I will guide you to create an awesome one with ease and fast. Before going into it, let me tell you why does creating a blog become important for you and why should you build it with WordPress.    

Why you should create a blog with WordPress?

In a recent survey on blogging readability, over 70% of respondents stated that they read blogs. Blogging is arguably one of the best ways to share your thoughts and express your stand and opinion on specific subjects with the world online. You can earn some decent money too in return. So, to create a blog with WordPress is to let the world know what you think.

Online businesses can also benefit from blogging. These days every business marketer knows the importance of a blog for growing their business online. Blogging allows them to engage with their audience on a deeper level and get more traffic to their business website.

Now, you may ask, why should I create a blog with WordPress? Let me answer you, WordPress is by far the best and most popular platform available to start blogging. Did you know, 25% of the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress? It is the best and most popular blogging platform because of its usability, multiple options, customer support, customization features, a wide range of themes and plugins, and of course SEO.

7 Simple Steps to Create a Blog with WordPress

Here are the seven easy steps to create a blog with WordPress.

Getting ready to inspire!

As I mentioned earlier, blogging is a great tool to unleash the ideas within you, express your feelings, share your wonderful experiences, and tell your unique stories. Let the others know what you are really thinking on that matter and where do you stand. It might inspire them too and even help them to find some solutions.

So, the first and foremost step in your process to create a blog with WordPress is to get ready to inspire others with your stories and experiences. Your blog should be focused on something specific. Before you start building your own blog, find what you are passionate about to write and post.

Choosing the right platform

Yes, you are thinking right, we have already chosen WordPress as our platform. There are some other platforms as well such as Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, etc. Among all these, WordPress stands out with many unique features. Moreover, given that there are over 72 million active users using WordPress today, it is clear which platform is the king.

So, to create a blog with WordPress means to create a blog with the most popular blogging platform. Other platforms don’t come even close to matching the freedom and customization options that WordPress offers.

Choosing the right domain name and web hosting

Choosing the right domain name and web hosting platform is the next step to creating a blog with WordPress. These two things are must haves for any website. The domain name will be your blog address where people can find you over and over again. For example, Google’s Domain name is and Facebook’s domain name is

Think of web hosting like a home for your domain name where all your content, images, and posts are kept and stored. Though there are hundreds of different web hosting providers in the online market, I recommend for domain names and web hosting because of its speed and uptime.

Installing a theme you love

Once you complete installing WordPress on your domain, you will need to download suitable themes and install them. Installing the right theme is a crucial step to creating a blog with WordPress. The visual appearance of your WordPress blog is controlled by themes. Hence, it is important to choose the apt one for your blog. the attractive appearance will attract more readers to your blog.

There are thousands of pre-made WordPress themes that you can install on your website. Some of them are free, while others are paid. In the official themes directory, you can search from 5600+ free WordPress themes. It is a sea of themes.

Creating pages and blog posts

Now you are almost done with your operation to create a blog with WordPress. You are going to create your first ever post in your own blog! Is that exciting? Let’s look how we can add a page in the WordPress blog and publish your post.

To create new posts and pages you have to use the dashboard options. For posting use “Post” > “New” and for pages use “Page” > “Add new”.  You can add the title to your blog post in the top field, and your content goes in the big text box below the title. I encourage you to explore yourself in the interface and experiment with the options available.

Installing Plugins

Installing useful and must have plugins is the last step in our process to create a blog with WordPress. Once you have written your first blog post, you probably want to get started with adding other usual elements on your blog such as galleries, sliders, etc. To add these additional features, you will need to take use of plugins.

WordPress plugins allow you to add more new features to your blog and improve its security and functionality. There are 55,000+ WordPress plugins available in the free WordPress plugin directory alone. Whatever your need, no matter, there is a plugin to fulfill it.

SEO tips to monetize your blog

SEO or search engine optimization helps your blog rank top on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If you want to get more readers to your blog, then it’s crucial that you optimize your blog for SEO from the beginning. SEO is an all-important factor to create a blog with WordPress. Yoast SEO plugin is a complete WordPress SEO plugin that will help you optimize your blog.

Lots of people use blogging to earn some extra money. Yes, it takes time, patience and commitment, but you can make real money from blogs. There are several ways to earn money through blogging, from selling your own products or services, to getting paid to write reviews of products on your blog. The easiest among these is to sell advertising space. Once your blog becomes popular with so many readers, advertisers will be behind you asking for an opportunity to advertise in your space.

Conclusion:  To create a blog with WordPress is to do something meaningful

This is my concluding remarks: to create a blog with WordPress is to do something meaningful. Yes, I am sure, I have said it right. You can do something meaningful by creating a blog through sharing your thoughts, helping others with your knowledge and expertise, and earning some extra for your family.

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