12 Things Every Business Website Must Have

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You have realized that an effective website is essential for your business’s growth and development and it is the most powerful tool that can be used for establishing yourself as a strong online force. Now, what are the things a business website must have and what makes a business website look great and impressive? This is the question we are going to discuss in this article.
A successful website does get the people visit the site, stick around, and perform what you want them to do or convert them as potential customers. For building an effective, successful and beautiful website for your business, discover these 12 business website must haves.

Good Hosting

Having a good hosting platform is the first and most key must-have for your business website. Free, cheap and poor hosting will cause you to suffer in many ways. It will slow down your website and thus, your visitors will get frustrated as they will leave you for ever. It will also affect your rank in search engines. Building your website on a mainstream hosting platform will give your website visitors a sense of security and credibility.

Design and Layout

An awesome, captivating and user-friendly design and layout is the second must-have for a good business website. A good design is what makes your web loved by your visitors and transform them as potential future clients. Logo, fonts, white space, colours, and themes/templates- all are parts of this awesome design.

Business Information

Adding crucial information about your business is the third must-have for your business website. Visitors will be eager to know what you are all about and what you have to provide them. If they cannot find this on your web, they might not come again. You can add this info in your home page or ‘about us’ page.

Clear Navigation

Navigation is a must have to not be your customers confused when they land on your business website. It acts as the ‘GPS’ of the site. Navigation bars are to direct your visitors where they need to go to get information they want. If your business website lacks the navigation, it might complicate the things for customers.

Contact Information

This is the most important must-have for your business website. Make it easy for your visitors to contact you by phone, email, location, and other social media network. Contact information should be able to be copied easily as the clients can contact you quickly.  Make them visible enough with a catchy colour pattern.


A strong and clear CTA (call to action) is essentially needed if your business website wants to generate more leads. Visitors have known you from the information, videos, and blogs in your site. Now, it is the time to take an action you want them to do. They will be tempted by a strong and engaging call to action button. It is found that, 70% of small business websites lack call to action strategies.

Mobile Version

A responsive design is another must-have for your business website. According to the studies, over a third of online sales are happening using a smartphone or a tablet. Now, you know that how vital is having a responsive design for your website. Smartphones and tablets can drive an increasing amount of web traffic to your website.

Social Media Integration

In this time where social networking sites are having a powerful hand in online marketing, social media integration is a must must-have for your business site. You should establish yourself as strong force in online market using Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc. Social media integration will boost your site’s SEO and improve your business.


Blog is a powerful tool you can use to promote your brand and increase your leads. Putting a blog on your site will help you have consistent conversation with your customers and keep the relationship strong for ever. It is good to have a posting strategy and schedule.


Your site visitors might have a lot of questions related to your business and products. If they are not able to find the answers on your website, they are not going to visit you again. So, having a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is another must have for your business website. Answers for FAQ must be precise and very clear so that customers will be able to clarify their doubts completely.

About Us

‘About Us’ is a must-have because, it narrates your story to your visitors and lets them decide why they should choose you as a business partner. The ‘about us’ page reflects your values and credibility of your brand. It also tells your customers how much experienced you are in the field and so that they can trust you as a partner.

Quality Content

Content is always the king. It is the actual must-have that keeps your website visitors read what you have to tell them. Your business website content should be quality, impressive and of course informative. This matters in most of the above mentioned must-haves like blogs, business information, about us page, FAQ, etc. Try hard to never bore your readers with your content.

Conclusion: Avoid Things That Should Not Be There in Any Business Website

Along with these must-haves, there some things that should be avoided when you design a website for your business. Poor navigation, outdated information, broken links, lack of CTA, background music, flash pages, and unfavorable screen resolution are some of these avoidable things. You can do research on these things in detail using internet and other media.
By applying these must-haves on your business website and avoiding unnecessary items will give you a best business website design that will boost your leads and help your business expand to the new heights of growth and success. Wish you a good luck.

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